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Наушники Beats EP Wired On-E, черный

Beats EP Wired On-E Наушники, черный Beats EP Wired On-E Наушники, черный

5846 RUR

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Наушники Beats Solo3 WRLS On-E, белый

Beats Solo3 WRLS On-E Наушники, Белый Beats Solo3 WRLS On-E Наушники, Белый

14805 RUR

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Understanding the E-Meter. A book on basics of how E-Meter works

Understanding the E-Meter. A book on the basics of how the E-Meter worksИздательство: Special-Trykkeriet Viborg

183 RUR



Bluetooth-гарнитура Beats RUD002-258942

Beats Solo3 WRLS On-E наушники, черный Beats Solo3 WRLS On-E наушники, черный

17356 RUR

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Bluetooth-гарнитура Beats RUD002-261034

Beats Solo3 WRLS On-E наушники, красный Beats Solo3 WRLS On-E наушники, красный

16714 RUR

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Bluetooth-гарнитура Beats RUD002-260717

Beats Solo3 WRLS On-E наушники, RoseGold Beats Solo3 WRLS On-E наушники, RoseGold

16611 RUR

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Eazy-E Eazy-E. It's On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa

Pulaqi Anime Patches Clothes Stickers E Girl Iron Sew On Thermo Iron-on Stripes F

Auto Braid On The Steering Wheel Cover for Mercedes Benz E-Class W212 E 200 260 300 2009-2013 Interior Car

Wallet Touch Lux2 Flip on Open Pocket Book Cover Pocketbook 623 622 E-book e-reader Case Bag

Real Carbon Fiber Mirror Cover For Mercedes Benz W204 A W176 E W212 W207 GLA X156 CLA W117 CLS W218 C Class Add on Style

Материнская плата ASUS KNPA-U16 Socket SP3 System on Chip (SoC) 16xDDR4 3xPCI-E 16x 8x 12 SSI EEB Retail (90SB06V0-M0UAY0)

Lee Breakiron, Mark Finn, Jeffrey Shanks The Dark Man. Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies

The Dark Man: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies, Vol. 7, No. 2. Articles by Lee Breakiron (The Cromlechers, on the fanzine the Cromlech), and Jeffrey Shanks on theosophy in the works of Robert E. Howard. The journal ends with a book review by Mark Finn.

1077 RUR



ZOTOONE Cute Dream Catchers Iron on Transfer Patch for Clothing Heat Thermal Patches Fusible Stickers Appliques Garments E

ZOTOONE Sexy Ladies Patches for Clothing Elegant Girls Iron on Transfer Patch Appliques Diy Feat Stickers Clothes Badges E

ZOTOONE Iron on Transfers for Clothing Stripes Clothes Letters Golden Patches Applique T-shirt Diy Patch E

Unicorn Heart Camera Iron-On Heat Transfers Cartoon Ironing Stickers Stripe on Clothes Iron Patches for T-shirt Print Tops E

ZOTOONE Animal Letters Patches Embroidered Stripes on Clothes Iron Punk Style Stickers Diy Appliques Garment Accessories E

ZOTOONE Big Tigers Back Patch on Clothing Vintage Iron Patches for Clothes Appliques Punk Print T-shirt DIY Applications E

ZOTOONE Large Lovely Bow Girl Big Patches Iron on Stickers for Clothes Applique Clothing DIY Sequin Patch Sew Badges E

ZOTOONE Creative Patches on Clothing Embroidered for Clothes Circle Badges Applique Garment Iron Stickers Decors E

ZOTOONE Dinosaur Patches on Clothes Cartoon Animals Heat Transfer Patch T-shirts Diy Iron Stickers Applications Clothing E

ZOTOONE Fabulous Myself Patches Diy Iron on Transfer Patch Sweatshirt Letters Applique Heat T-shirt Clothing Decorations E

Энергетический напиток E-ON Almond Rush, 12 шт по 450 мл

Оригинальный вкус миндаля и лимона (легко узнаваем по желтой эмблеме на банке). Взбодрит организм, заставит мозг работать более активно и улучшает сосредоточенность.

1149 RUR

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Birgit Hartmann Strategic Design of B2B e-Marketplace Business Models

Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: Due to the enormous analyst projections on worldwide B2B e-commerce, and additionally forced by the low barriers to entry, races to implement e-marketplaces have started since everyone was keen to get a share out of this large opportunity. However, as the recent e-marketplace shake-out demonstrated, many e-market makers have often concentrated on Internet Technology, forgetting that once it comes down to its base, e-business it not about bytes, but still about pure business. Often, the first-movers business models grounded on great ideas, but were not sustainable. e-Marketplaces base on complex business models that present key strategic issues which must be addressed prior to the creation and implementation of any technology infrastructure. With the help of the 10 Strategic Design Considerations Guideline for the creation of a B2B e-marketplace business model, the reader –firms that are considering becoming e-market makers, and firms interested in participating in an e-marketplace as buyer, seller or service provider- should be able to formulate a complete e-market strategy for an e-marketplace initiative. The 10 key strategic steps to consider on the way to create the Business Model Design are as follows: 1. Market and Stakeholder Analysis: Which are the quantitative and qualitative attributes of the market: market segmentation, fragmentation of the sell-and buy-side, existing and competing industry channels, complexity of product/ process? Who are th...

7239 RUR



Supaporn Lamnoi Student Modeling and Adaptive Hypermedia for E-learning Systems

This book is very useful to create an adaptive e-Learning system by using student modeling and adaptive hypermedia. Adaptive e-Learning is an enhancement to make e-Learning system more effective by adapting the presentation of information and overall link structure to each individual user based on her/his knowledge and behavior. The adaptive e-Learning system provides better flexibility and capability than non-adaptive e-Learning system. It also leads the students to better learning results. Certainly, the adaptive e-Learning systems will benefit students' academic performance.

8789 RUR



Olaleye Sunday Adewale The Adoption of Electronic Invoicing in Nigerian Companies

E-invoicing has the potential to reduce supply chain transaction cost, space, and time as well as unnecessary administrative burdens on Nigerian companies. Both the supplier and the buyer will enjoy the benefits of cost reduction, increased efficiency and enhanced productivity. Job creation will be the reward from e-invoicing to Nigeria as a country as its adoption will pave the way for the new start-up companies as e-invoicing service providers. Above all, the practical implication of this book on behavioural intention to adopt e-invoicing on Nigerian society is the smallest carbon footprint of invoicing through reduction in carbon dioxide (C02). All these add up to present e-invoicing as the need of the moment.

6814 RUR



Ali Luke Publishing E-Books For Dummies

Publish, market, and sell your own e-book Although creating an e-book seems fairly straightforward, it is not. You need to select and create a variety of formats that will be read on a variety of e-reader devices–and market and sell your book in a variety of ways. Before you take the plunge, get this practical guide. With clear instruction and sensible advice, it will help you navigate the often confusing, time-consuming, and costly world of self-publishing an e-book. The book gives you solid marketing tips for selling your e-book, including using blogging and social media and how to build an online platform. It also discusses key technologies you'll encounter, including Smashwords, iBooks Author, Amazon, Microsoft Word, Open Office, Calibre, WordPress, E-junkie, and others. Helps readers navigate the confusing, time-consuming, and often costly world of self-publishing an e-book Provides both technical how-tos as well solid marketing advice on how to sell your e-book using Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and other social media sites Covers essential technologies, such as Smashwords, iBooks Author, Amazon, Microsoft Word, Open Office, Calibre, WordPress, and E-junkie Explores e-book devices, including Kindle, Kobo, Sony Reader, Nook, iPad, and other tablets Delves into the nitty-gritty of e-book formats Before you self-publish your e-book, start first with Publishing eBooks For Dummies.

1788.44 RUR



Alhad Agashe and Bhupendra Sahu A Critical Study of E-waste with reference to Computers

This research work includes study of impacts and hazards of computer e-waste on human health and environment in Pune city. The study observes and records the changing trends in computer e-waste. It projects level of awareness of e-waste among the citizen of Pune. It also highlights potential and dynamics of e-waste regarding computer recycling market. Followed by the various useful suggestions and guidelines for the formal management of computer e-waste in Pune city.

3212 RUR



ZOTOONE Iron on Transfers for Clothing Letters Spider Tiger Patches Diy Appliques A-level Washing E

ZOTOONE Dragon Totem Diy Patch on Clothes Iron Transfers for Clothing T-shirt Heat Transfer Thermo Stickers Heart Applique E

ZOTOONE DIY Iron on Patches for Clothing Punk Skull Girl Animal Heat Transfers Sticker Child's Clothes Star Flower Applique E

ZOTOONE Tops Iron on Transfer Patches Stripes Clothing Diy Patch Heat for Clothes Decoration Stickers Accessories E

Dream Catcher Iron on Patches Heat Transfer Stickers Decor T-shirt Applique Clothes Dresses Backpack Stripes DIY Washable E

Fabric Stickers Unicorn Children Cartoon Patch For Clothes Embroidered On Stripe DIY Crown Parches E

Cartoon Pony Unicorn Dinosaur Iron On Patches Heat Transfer For Stripe Clothes Boy Girl T-shirt DIY custom Magic Sticker E

Cute Iron On transfers Patches Stripes Clothes Patch For Boy/girl Clothing Decal Applications DIY Accessory Decoration E

ZOTOONE Colorful Flower Skull Patch Iron On Transfers for Girl Clothing Print T-shirt Dresses Thermal Press DIY Accessory E

ZOTOONE Cute Cartoon Animals Patch Set Iron on Transfer Clothing Patches Heat Viny Lstickers Clothes Thermal Press E